Rules of the League

1.) A player can play in any comparable recreation leaque. No Fastpitch League Players Permitted.

2.) A maximum of ten (10) players are allowed on the field per team.

3.) A team must have a minimum of eight (8) players to start a regular season game; the other team will allocate a back catcher. There will be no pickups allowed. If 8 players are not present at game time it will be a forefit.

4.) A team must field nine (9) players to be eligible in the playoffs; if 9 players are not present at game time it will be a forefit.

5.) Any team that doesn't have enough players to start a game will lose the game by default. The second time that same team loses a game by deafult they will also lose 1 point. This will happen each default time after.

6.) A player must play a minimum of 11 games to be elligible for playoffs. (24 game schedule) Two players from each team can be desiginated as only having to play eight (8) games. These names must be prvoided with FINAL ROSTER at end of Round 1

7.) Player must be at the field for at least 5 innings to get credit for game played. (Unless an emergency which then the league Executive and Umpire will discuss).

8.) Regular season games will consist of 7 innings. Playoff games will be played until a winner is determined.

9.) All rescheduling of games will remain the decision of the executive.. Make up games will be scheduled for 2:45 on Sundays (when field available) and 9:00 pm on Mondays

10.) There will be a 15 minute grace period for the first game of the evening only, not the remaining games. If the first game cannot field two teams the game will be considered a forefit. Games will now be 1hr and 15 minutes. Umpires must start the games on time.

11.) Age limit for players is 35 years of age by the start of the season. Each team is allowed 2 players that are under 35 but have to be 33 before the end of the calendar year.

12.) All games must go five and a half innings to be official (see rule 10)

13.) A list of each teams roster must be turned in to the executive with copies of proof of age (drivers license) at the first game of the year.

14.) A finalized roster  must be submitted by end of first round.

15.) If your name is on a roster you play with that team for the season. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a player wishes to play with another team, it is up to that player to notify team reps before the start of the season.

16.) THE PITCHING ZONE is a zone 24" wide located 50 to 65 feet from the original home plate. A pitcher may choose to pitch from anywhere within this zone. If a pitching rubber is present, it is recommended that the rubber be placed or marked at 65 feet and not 50 feet.

17.) PITCHED BALL The pitched ball must have a perceptible arc of at least 6 feet from the ground before it passes any part of home plate / strike mat and shall not reach a height of more that 12 feet at its highest point from the ground.

18.) BATTER'S AREA is that area adjacent to the home plate / strike mat, within which the batter takes his position when it is his turn to bat. Prior to the pitch, he must place 1 foot on the ground anywhere in the batter's area, not more than 3 feet from the side edge of the home plate / strike mat. When striking the ball at the front of the home plate / strike mat, the trailing foot cannot be completely forward of the front edge of the home plate / strike mat. When striking the ball at the back of the home plate / strike mat, the lead foot cannot be completely behind the back edge of the home plate / strike mat.

19.) Registration fee per team will be $1800 dollars to be paid before the beginning of the second round.

20.) Games to end anytime after 5 innings if a team is ahead by 15 runs.

21.) Home plate & mat is considered a strike.

22.) Bunting is not allowed and will be called out if there is an attempt to bunt.

23.) No advancement except on a hit or forced advance.

24.) No metal spikes are allowed.

25.) Intentional rough play will not be tolerated and will be treated accordingly by the executive.

26.) Foul ball on third strike; batter is out.

27.) PINCH RUNNERS: When putting in your line up, indicate which player needs a pinch runner. If a pinch runner is needed, the last batted out will be the pinch runner, unless that last out is indicated that he needs a pinch runner, then the previous batted out will be the pinch runner. Still only 4 pinch runners per game. The same pinch runner can be used multiple times if he is the last out. The batter can refuse a pinch runner at any time.

28.) A commitment line will be drawn between third base and home plate. A player who crosses this line must continue home. He cannot return to third base, once past the line and stops the player will be called out.

29.) The player running home must touch the safety base to be called safe.

30.) A runner is out at home plate provided the catcher is in contact with the plate and possesses the ball before the runner reaches home plate. If the runner touches home plate then the player is out.

31.) There will be no sliding at home plate. Any player who slides home will be called out.

32.)Due to use of Wooden Homes hoome runs are unlimited

33.) A first place plaque will be awarded for regular season and a Championship Trophy will be awarded to the overall playoff winner. There will be one player who will also be awarded the Cyril Cooper Memorial Award.

34.) Only league approved bats will be allowed for each game. NO OUTSIDE BATS